Effective compliance of FAFT Recommendations and EU Directives on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. It´s 10.000 faster than human expert and provides an automatic supervision of all reported population.


Provides automatic processing for:

      • Systematic reporting (CTR, ETR,…)
      • Suspicious reporting (STR, SAR,…)


Intelligent dealing of:

      • Big data context (Big Volume, Velocity and Variety)
      • Spatial and temporal dispersion of data


Centralized single DDBB repository:

      • Intelligent ID check of reported individuals
      • Automatic ID merger
      • Holistic view of any individual


Risk based approach:

      • Find what is relevant providing automatic scoring of individuals and suspicious reporting.
      • Prioritization of work load


Detection model:

      • Artificial intelligence enhancing intelligence analysis
      • Customizable risk criteria
      • Self-adjusting to reported population behavior
      • Updatable detection model


Analysts can focus on intelligence analysis:

      • Self-explanatory alerts simplifying analysts’ reviews
      • 100.000 individuals are thoroughly checked in less than 2 hours
      • Full control




The AML platform is developed with standardized technology to facilitate its integration into the organization’s environment.

  • Web application, multi-lingual, multi-user, multi-platform.
  • Compatible with all major operating systems: Windows, Unix, Linux.
  • Supports commercial and open source databases: Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, PostgreSQL
  • Developed to J2EE standards
  • Access via standard browser
  • Flexibility and ease of integration into the organization’s intranet.


Modular structure

  • Adjust the deployment to your needs


Data Engine Module

  • ETL (systematic + suspicious reporting)
  • Automatic ID checking and ID merger management
  • Smart data repository
  • Relational DDBB (commercial or open source)
  • Document repository


Alert Engine Module

  • Smart checking against lists
  • Suspicious report prioritization
  • Entities monitoring and alerts
  • ML/TF network detection


Intelligence Module

  • Ad hoc report generator
  • ML/TF trends scenario simulator
  • Link analysis tool
  • Dashboard
  • Statistics
  • Operational control of FIU status
  • Supervision of data reported
  • Supervision of Reporting Entities


CMS Module (Case Management System)

  • Auditable Case management
  • Analysis – alerts control
  • Exploration (multidimensional drill-down, relations, patterns,…)
  • Entities
  • Accounts
  • Reports
  • Reporting Entities



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