Our matching support platform for factoring reduces resources

devoted to factoring invoice matching by 70%.


FEM is our Matching Support Platform for Factoring. FEM helps to match live invoices with transfers and payments made by debtors, supported by an intelligent system that leverages the experience of previous matches.


Support for resolving matches in Factoring:

  • Automatic matching of over 70% of the payments.
  • Support for the most common cases that occur in matching.
  • Prioritized view of matches based on their likelihood of success.
  • Tools for analysing the information to help with manual matching.
  • Allows the introduction of explicit matching rules known by the analysts.

Improved Factoring Service:

  • Drastic reduction of time and effort in resolving matches.
  • Reduces the average time for allocating payments by up to 50%
  • Improves the quality of the factoring service, minimizing operational and reputational risks. Reduction of errors.
  • Decreases the resources needed for the factoring activity.


Artificial intelligence applied to obtain the best results:

  • Automatic learning of the experience applied by the expert in previous matches.
  • Intelligent information retrieval system for invoice and payment data.
  • Tolerant to lack of information and errors in the detail of payments and invoices.
  • Global performance monitoring, providing metrics useful for decision making.

Architecture and Technical Environment:

  • Multi-entity management.
  • Multi-user support.
  • Compatible with various operating systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX.
  • Based on J2EE technology.
  • Uses a Tomcat Application Serverand support for Java 1.4
  • Uses an Oracle database server.
  • Web Client: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or equivalent.
  • Supports the capture of transfer and invoice files in various formats (including    Standard 43 of the AEB or other equivalent international standards).


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